About us


  • We are all about food.  
  • We have many interesting stories ready to share with you.
  • Talking about food – that’s why we are here.
  • As you know we all experienced the communists, it was long 40 year period so believe us what you hear really happened to us.
  • We love to travel, we especially love to travel for food and visit just local places with no exceptions. 

So that’s how we came across the idea to set up a food tour company named Pragusto in our home town, where we live our lives.

Our Pragusto team are also your guides: 

Jitka is  a local, with years of guide expirience abroad and within the country. With all her enthusiasm and passion, she will help you understand the local culture and gastronomy from an exciting new angle. 

David, the sagittarius in Prague's culinary scene: always in search of new experiences, he will enjoy sharing with you his most authentic findings in order to make you discover Prague from a local perspective.

Veronika is simply obsessed with finding the coolest restaurants anywhere she appears. She is ready to give up everything for the best local food you can have.  No one can advise you better  about which restaurants to go to, since she also works as a food reviewer for a major Prague restaurant guide.


Jitka David Veronika