Why us

What makes our tour special and different from others?

We are not only a sampling tour» but also a true eating tour. Forget cheese and sausages» we will feed you Czech food® that - you - will - love ! 

  • We prefer smaller more intimate groups. So, we can talk to you and fully listen to you. Also, you can ask us almost anything that is on your mind which will help make your tour a lot more rewarding.
  • We will provide you with up-to-date information not only about Prague gastronomy, but also about the city itself which you won’t necessarily get from your hotel concierge or most guidebooks.
  • We will help you to discover the unique originality of Czech food® (BUT for example if you order traditional Czech dumplings - please, please don’t spread a butter on them, they are not a biscuits!
  • Despite many years of Communism we are still patriots and are ready to proudly introduce you to all what Prague has to offer!

This exciting and vibrant city you are visiting is now fully established in the center of Europe and its days of being a forgotten part of the Soviet bloc are looong over. 

Watch out

→ We are a beer superpower !

→ We have Michelin restaurants ! 

→ We are surrounded by UNESCO World Heritage sites !

• We love our tours and we put our hearts into them •